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Click one of the options below to fill out onboarding documents, access your investment accounts via TD Ameritrade or MVP Plan Administrators, or to see your online Financial Roadmap.

View your online TD Ameritrade institutional account

Securely share files with Spartan Planning Group using this link. Sharing via Formsite allows your file to safely be encrypted and uploaded for us to view.

This portal hosts an additional copy of your invoices for services. This information will also be on your monthly custodial (TD Ameritrade) statements.

Login to your MVP Plan Administrators to view your 401k account online.

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When directed by your advisor - take 3 minutes to fill out this form to give us a better idea of which investment model would best fit your financial goals and risk tolerance.

When directed by your advisor - take 5 minutes to fill out this form and give us the basic bio and contact info for us to get you working with Spartan Planning.

We believe in having meaningful relationships with our clients. This includes getting to know what you enjoy. When directed by your advisor, please take 3 minutes to fill this out. We look forward to grabbing coffee and learning more about you and your goals!

Instructions for funding your TD Ameritrade investment accounts with cash via electronic transfer, wire, or paper check. 

Spartan Planning Group Blog

We pride ourselves in being thought leaders within the financial industry. Follow our news and perspectives in our blog.

Form ADV, Part 2

Form ADV, Part 3

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